I have to admit to boomerangin’ once when I was at a very vulnerable time during my first marriage.  I was pregnant with my first child and not sure my husband was ready for parenthood, not sure he was even ready for husbandhood.   Heck, now that I look back I don’t think I was ready for marriage or children, but are we ever?  I don’t think anyone is ever really ready.  It’s like learning to swim by jumping in and sputtering and splashing until you dog paddle and tread water.  But that’s another story.

Boomerang children.  I have two who have done it.  I have threatened to buy my son a t-shirt that says “I still live with my parents.”  He’s not afraid to wear it.  After serving in the US Navy my son, his wife and their then 3 year old daughter were convinced – by me – to move from mild weathered San Diego to wild weathered Colorado until they “got on their feet.”  That was three years ago.  He decided to use his GI Bill to go to school and decided to finish before moving.  Most likely to Arizona.

My daughter and her two children also lived with us when they moved from Arizona to join us in Colorado while her brother was still in the Navy.  She and I don’t live in the same house very well and she flew the coop shortly after her brother’s move in.  Can you imagine three sets of families in one home?  It was pure madness.  Granted, we have a large house but trust me, no house could be large enough for that arrangement.  Disaster, discontent and all out war is just waiting to erupt when you put that many people in one house for an extended period of time, especially during a Colorado winter.  I think the only thing that saved us as long as it did was that all of the adults were working and I was working the oddest hours.  I would leave at 9am after everyone else was gone and not return until 9pm when everyone else was getting ready for bed.  I missed most of the drama.  It was great.  But I was not totally immune – I would “hear” about it.  From ALL sides. 

Now I’m a stay at home gramma taking care of an almost one year old and three other school aged grandkids (my own).  I find this is not unusual and goes along with the boomerang kids.  How can young adults these days afford housing and daycare these days?  And gas for their cars? 

I joined Grandparents.com.  Maybe they’ll have some secret tips for this new life of boomerang children and helping to raise the grandchildren.  I can’t wait till I get old enough to move in with my children and they can take care of me!  I’m going to be messy,  just to keep them on their toes.

UPdate: Daughter and two have boomeranged.  Lord help me!  I’ll be posting the “NO VACANCY” sign out front now.