I still get breakouts.  I’m approaching mid-life, or am already there I suppose.  According to some, the old 50 is the new 40, the new 60 is the new 50.  I’m so confused I don’t know how old I am anymore.  I admit there are women hitting the half century mark who look fantastic.  There is also botox, plastic surgery, and who knows what.  I figure I’m at a good spot though.  I’m not going up the hill.  I’m not going down the hill, yet.  So I must be at the top of the hill!  All I have to do is keep my balance and not fall to either side, right?  Of course there’s no falling backwards, so it’s not really a hill is it?  Now I’m analyzing too much.

At this point I’m having new symptoms of the old menopause and old symptoms of the new adolescence.  C’mon life – make up your ever lovin’ mind.  One or the other for heaven’s sake.  I’m either old or I’m young, but don’t make me suffer both ends of the age spectrum!  Who else has to decide whether to take hormone replacement therapy or Clearasil?  I went to the pharmacy to see what I could find to ease some of these annoying symptoms but by the time I got there I forgot why I went.  So I bought a candy bar (chocolate) and some ice cream and went home.  Felt great and didn’t feel like I wasted a trip!  Sure blew that diet though.  Oh who am I kidding, I’m not on a diet.  I watch my weight like a fat cat watches a bird fly outside a window.  Yes, I know it’s there, instinct tells me I should jump up and do something about it but I’m just not motivated with a fridge full of food, Thank God.  Besides I have to keep my balance on top of that hill now.