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Winter in Colorado is cold.  Really cold if you grew up in Arizona.  I used to put on a sweater anytime the temperature dipped below 80 degrees.  Now I go outside in shirtsleeves and feel quite refreshed when it’s a mere 50 degrees. 


And then there are those oh so happy times when I create my own little heat wave.  It doesn’t matter what the outside temperature, my personal space is 110 degrees in the shade.  I’d love to get my hands on one of those thermal image cameras and take some images of the shimmering heat waves that I know are emanating from of my body.  I dream of being able to jump into that mirage water you see on the highway that you can never quite reach while driving on a long stretch of road.  I’ll find any excuse to stand in front of the open freezer door pretending to pick something to thaw for dinner. Thankfully my personal vacations only last a short time, so I can get back to my normal cold feet.


I usually have what my husband affectionately calls Popsicle Toes.  No matter the time of year, but much more pronounced in winter, I wear slippers.   I wear socks to bed and I don’t care who knows it.  You can’t be sexy if your feet are freezing.  I have an especially tough husband who allows me to put my feet between his calves to warm them up.  At least up until our fantastic find which I’ll share in a moment. 


Five years ago we moved from Arizona to Colorado and started the never ending search for warmth.  I lost count of how many electric blankets we bought that would last one month and then crap out or go wonky.  I apparently do not understand the washing directions of electric blankets because as soon as I wash it a couple of times the durn thing is history!  One of the blankets decided to heat my husband’s side of the bed and not mine.  So I flipped it over thinking I was being clever.  The act of flipping that blanket over rendered it completely useless.  This was a never ending source of frustration and cold feet.  I cannot sleep when my feet are cold. 


Then one day we were shopping for yet another way to keep warm when we found this nifty little invention.  The name escapes me, which by the way is also part of those personal heat waves – memory lapses.  Anyway, it goes over the mattress like a fitted sheet and has dual controls like an electric blanket.  Honestly – there is nothing better than climbing into a bed that is already warm on a cold night.  Toasty!!  Add flannel sheets and you’re ready to hibernate.


So for 2009 I wish you a little heat wave of your own to warm you up.



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